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Tipsters exposed

Ex tipster exposing the truth about horse racing tipsters. The good, the bad, but mostly the ugly.

This site is dedicated to exposing the lies deception and broken promises of the horse racing tipsters that operate on the internet. 

You'll find out what marketing tactics they use, the stooges they have, the fictitious names they use and their blatant dishonest ramblings they type from their keyboards. This of course all contributes to you being drawn in so that you can part with your cash and line the scammers pockets. 

There are of course some very reputable tipsters out there, and I will at some stage be featuring these all in due course.

If you are thinking of subscribing to any service, then always do your homework on them and feel free to ask the tipster any questions that you may have. If you have doubts for any reason, then walk away, it's their loss, not yours. 

Here are some general guidelines for tipsters that you may wish to use.

1) Does you service have a live website/social media platform. If so, how regularly is it updated?

2) How long has your service been in operation?

3) Is there a full breakdown of your results available either online or via email?

4) How much results data is available?

5) Are your results proofed?

6) If results are proofed, who are they proofed to and does the proofing service have a transparent copy of detailed performance for me to view?

7) If results are not proofed, why is this and why should I believe this and the results being claimed are accurate?

8) What odds are your results calculated to? (ep, bog, isp, bfsp, odds matched?)

9) If your betting advice is to be placed on Betfair, what level of commission do you deduct from winnings?

10) What time are your messages/emails sent out to members in order for the bets to be placed?

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+18 Please gamble responsibly begambleaware

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