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A few years ago (many!) I was a horse racing tipster. In order to prove my results and claims were accurate, I had to get my tips proofed in advance to an independent source. This I may add was simply not a trial, it was week in week out for as long as you operated. This way your results could be verified over the entire period while you were in business and so your performance was constantly updated. It makes me laugh when tipsters say ‘Take my 2 week trial and see how much money I can make you’

Let’s cut to the chase, why am I doing this?


After years of being away from horse racing and having a little bit of time on my hands, I thought I’d have a quick look to see what horse racing tipsters are out there just for fun. Twitter was my main source of interest and as you know, one click leads to another and another and so on. It didn’t take long before I noticed that big profits from many so-called tipsters were being claimed and offering to ‘help you’ make money.


I decided to investigate further on these tipsters, and it didn’t take long to realise that the comments in their tweets didn’t sit quite right. I then set about collecting screenshots and comparing them to one another, and again it didn’t take long to piece together that whoever was involved in these specific twitter accounts were all the same person/persons.


It was obvious to me that these scammers were out there to do one thing, take your money no matter what. If that included lying, falsifying results, having pseudonyms, making promises and wild claims of wealth, then nothing would stop them.


So after months and months of collecting data and watching these scammers operate day by day, I’d had enough, it was time to expose them, so I set up a twitter account. As soon as I started, within hours I was blocked by the whole lot of the scammers that I was targeting. And then one by one their stooges and associates blocked me.


Now they try their hardest to stay one step ahead of me, deleting accounts then restarting them, changing usernames, blocking some of my followers who dare to say anything against them and generally trying to runaway and go about their business without getting found out.


A big thank you must go to all the individuals who have sent me messages and who like me are sick to death of people getting taken for a ride and want to expose these scammers as well.


The main list I have concentrated on are all operated by the same outfit and these can be found on the ‘Hall of shame’ page.


Elite Betting Syndicate

Ron Williams

O’connor racing

Thoroughbred betting

Tips from stables

John Simmons (Also known as Newmarket expert & Strong Newmarket info & Andy Lycett)

Racing lay bets

The Tipster Judge

Proven Tipsters

Best Two Tipsters

The Racing Four

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