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If you’re a regular follower of me on twitter or have viewed the Punter Paradise page on my website, you will have known that I have exposed them to be in the same group as all the others I have featured. After all, Punter Paradise did promote Elite Betting Syndicate, Thoroughbred Betting and Ron Williams amongst their list of tipsters, so no need to explain any further. Needless to say that they also used similar tactics to the others in order to gain people to part with their money and join their service.

So it was quite a rarity that Punter Paradise all of a sudden wanted to talk to me seeing as I’ve been blocked by all of them on Twitter since I started some 9 months ago. If the conversation with them was to be amicable and I was allowed to ask any questions regarding the issues to which I’ve highlighted about them, then I would have no problems in talking to them. They replied that they would answer any questions that I put to them, so that’s how the chat to them came about. It was basically a Q&A session, me with the questions, and them with the answers. My conversation lasted over 2 evenings and nearly 2 ½ hours in length, so quite a bit of ground was covered shall we say. You can see extracts from it on my twitter page from 28th April through to 7th May.

Punter Paradise were Thoroughbred Betting, confused? Yes so was I, let me explain. All of the tipsters featured were run by a ‘group’, who did all the admin which obviously included using stooges, manipulating results, telling lies, using multiple tipster sites, etc etc. Thoroughbred were part of this group, but the tips that were on the Thoroughbred website and that went out to people were in fact Punters Paradise tips. According to them they were not responsible for the admin side of things, only the tipping side. So basically what they said to me was that they were not responsible for anything that was posted on their twitter or website as this was all done by the ‘group’ while they just concentrated on supplying the tips.

To cut a long story short, Punter Paradise then left the ‘group’, Thoroughbred Betting ceased to exist, and now they operate alone doing their own admin and tips and have nothing to do with any of the ‘group’ anymore. If you look at the Q&A I had with them, they were quite adamant about the situation with the ‘group’ and mentioned it several times.

The problem Punter Paradise have is that their past has proceeded them due to their history of events and what they have been associated previously with. This has undoubtedly left their tipster service as a name somewhat tainted. One answer they did give to me had the line in ’We learnt a lot from them’, well let’s hope that it was something good because to be honest most of the things that the ‘group’ did weren’t. Is this a new makeover simply to divert the attention away from the ‘group’ as it were so they are not under the microscope anymore? Are they still part of the ‘group’?  Am I convinced? Well, the answer to that is not at this present time, but I will keep an open mind and see what the future holds.

They now seem to be doing things the right way which includes proofed results by an independent verified source which is a big plus. They have assured me that no more stooges will be used as in the past. They did answer every question I put to them and some were difficult ones, which I think they answered satisfactorily. They have assured me that any questions I have about their service they will answer for me, so at this point our communication line is still open. I will of course still monitor things and time will tell if what they have said comes to fruition.

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