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Elite betting syn

To start off with Elite Betting syndicate we'll look at one of their spreadsheets which was altered by themselves in order to make it look like that they have achieved more profit than what they actually have. The first screenshot I took was August 2nd, the other was a few weeks later on August 21st. 

The difference? Just a small little matter of £2,600.  

Deception of the highest order.

aug 21.jpg
Aug 2.jpg

The irony of this tweet

11!!!!!! (2).png

This is just the sort of marketing tactics they use to draw you in.

On both occasions they lost money..............................more broken promises.

Screenshot (175).png
Screenshot (221).png
Screenshot (676).png

You don't see these tweets too often because they get deleted or blocked within minutes. Too many questions for Elite to answer, luckily | grabbed a screenshot before the inevitable happenned.

I did manage to ask them a question,  no reply and blocked, what a surprise.

Screenshot (292).png

Another screenshot I took earlier in the year compared with one recently. Again we have a difference of opinion with the profit figure.  How do they do it? Well if you look at the horse 'Lockstock hall' that ran on 1/1/20 the top spreadsheet says a loss of £50, the bottom one says  £25. Another is 'Sunny express' that ran on 2/1/20, on the top spreadsheet there is a loss of £50, on the bottom one there is a loss of £25. These subtle differences all add up so they can make up their own profit figures.

end of year 2019
Screenshot (679).png
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