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A few months back I found it strange that Elite Betting Syndicate and Ron Williams were promoting a 'free tips' service. Why would they do that? After all, if these free tips were any good and people won money with them, surely it would do Elite and Ron out of business as they simply wouldn't be needed. Well a few months on and just as I thought, they're all it together (or at least some of them) Note the same website address.

Screenshot (446).png
Screenshot (153).png
Screenshot (527).png

They like having multiple accounts don't they?

Screenshot (310).png
Screenshot (731).png
Screenshot (704).png

'We host a handful of services' and we all know who they are don't we? What a surprise that 4 of the same outfit are all connected to the 'free tips' money making machine. Tipster judge, Elite Betting syndicate, Ron Williams and Thoroughbred Betting. 

Screenshot (769).png
Screenshot (770).png
Screenshot (771).png

'Join thousands of members' I don't really need to comment on that do I? 

Screenshot (705)_LI.jpg
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