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John Simmons

So let's get straight in there with a blatant lie from John.  'My June and July have been unreal' Yes John they certainly have. At the time of this tweet in July you were over £140 down and you lost over £140 in June.  

June july.png
Screenshot (434).png
Screenshot (466).png

So the above screenshots were taken 24th August. The ones below on 11th November. As you can see the spreadsheets have now been  altered so that they both record a profit. Just like Elite Betting syndicate they make subtle changes in order to turn results of their tips around. At the end of July the original loss of -£116 is now a profit of +£29 . The end of June also follows the same pattern, originally a loss of -£144 is now of profit of +£18. The total difference is £307.  How often they have done this to deceive people is anyone's guess.

Screenshot (779).png
Screenshot (780).png

'Typical that I gave my tips for free on 1 of the few losing days this month' Another blatant lie by John, by this time he'd already had 20 losing days in July.

Screenshot (562).png

More rubbish being spouted to try and draw you in and make you part with your cash.  Again they make promises to show you how much money they can make you. Oh, and by the way, John wasn't celebrating any profit that day, all 4 of them lost.

Screenshot (460).png

Not content with singing his own praises  with  just the one account, John led a double life also known as the Newmarket Expert.

Screenshot (421).png
Screenshot (324).png
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