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O'connor racing

Known as 'Colin O'connor' this guy doesn't seem to know who much profit he's made. Both screenshots were taken November 7th. You would have thought  with such amazing claims on his website that at least he would get his profit to match his spreadsheet. With a so called 'profit' of over 10k, incredibly he has made that figure in just over 2 years which equates to over 400pts @£25 a pt. 

November 7th (2).png
Screenshot (748).png

One day I received a request from someone asking if they could DM me on twitter. The person or 'victim' shall we say was a member of O'connor racing. I spoke to them several times over the course of the day and the  conversations lasted quite a while. Not to bore you with everything that was said, here are some details about how this person has been scammed and what they feel about it. For security reasons I have kept the identity of them anonymous. Over 2k down for £47.99 a month!

Screenshot (751)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (757)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (750)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (754)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (756)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (758)_LI.jpg

And where have we seen this sort  of tweet before to get you drawn in?

                                                  Yep, you guessed it, a losing day.

Screenshot (679).png

During the lockdown months 'Colin' was giving out selections on US racing. Funny how those results are missing from his spreadsheets.  I wonder why? Let's face it though, his mate 'Ron Williams' was pretty impressed by 'Colin's' performance, even enough to retweet all about him and congratulate him on his stateside contacts!

Screenshot (113).png
Screenshot (111).png
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