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Rom Williams

Here we have Ron Williams who also thinks it's beneficial  to manipulate his results in order to deceive the public .

I brought this to attention on my twitter account (like most of them) but since then low and behold, he's changed the spreadsheet. Not to worry though as you can still see the original in all of it's full glory. 

Let's start with the graph and the profit states £6479. At the the time Ron's spreadsheet says a profit of £8550!  Only a matter of nearly 2k difference then? As you can clearly see the bottom spreadsheet has now  been changed to £6842 in order to reflect the graph (although still not quite matching).

Screenshot (159).png
Screenshot (159)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (762)_LI.jpg

So Ron's been in the business for over 40 years, or is it 30? Even he doesn't know! You would have thought that with that kind of experience that he would have known how to work out his figures, wouldn't you? As you're about to see he really hasn't a clue, and it's all to deceive people to draw them in. Remember.........this is a tipster you can trust!

Williams 4 (3)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (755)_LI.jpg
williams 2 (2).png
Screenshot (157).png

So from the time of this tweet the last 6 Mondays (is that recent enough for you?) looked like this:

Sep 21st -100

Sep 14th -80

Sep 7th -75

Oct 31st -125

Oct 24th -50

Oct 17th -60

That's a big loss of £-490

Let me put that right for you. For the last week in the last 6 months, only 2 have made profit, 4 losing ones with a total loss of £-168.  If you include the last 7 days in March as well (finished betting on the 17th) that's another loss of over £300. 'Ron' knew exactly what he was doing when he retweeted this, and that was to deceive potential members joining him.

It just gets worse. These are the 'incredible money making machine' profits from his website. Can't even add that up right.

A primary school kid with a calculator could do this easily and they haven't got the 30 or 40 years experience that Ron has. The total should read £9247, and if you believe that........................good luck to you.

Screenshot (759).png
Screenshot (758).png
Screenshot (757).png
Screenshot (756).png

This is taken from his own website. As you can see the first thing potential members look at are his results. Impressive you might say? And enough to lure you in and subscribe to him. If anybody can be bothered to go through the mountains of his results and check his spreadsheets, they may find that yet again 'Ron' is telling lies. According to his results on his front page in February, he made a profit of +£927,  but look closely at his spreadsheet, a loss of -£927.  Not even a simple mistake is it? He's actually taken the trouble to colour the profit figure in green on his results page.  

Feb 20 (2)_LI.jpg
Screenshot (1086)_LI.jpg

Just like the others this is the sort of rubbish they spout to try and get you on board. Ron had 'good vibes' about 3 bets that were running today, they all lost. 

Screenshot (763).png
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