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Stooge: A subordinate used by another to do unpleasant routine work

Here you will find a selection of the fictitious characters (or stooges for a better word) that the scammers use in order to make their twitter accounts look busy with what seems like are paid up members raking in the cash.

The tipsters basically get hold of old inactive twitter accounts (some over 10yrs old) and re use them to their advantage by getting the stooges to Comment, retweet and like almost every day. Some of them even appear on all of the scammers twitter accounts. It wasn't until recently that they suddenly all started to disappear, no doubt because the scamming tipsters were on to me. I got blocked by everyone of them, but once or twice when the tipsters put up a new stooge I managed to get in quick and reply to their tweets before being banished again. Below you will find various stooges which appeared on multiple twitter accounts all run by the same people. Elite betting syndicate, Thoroughbred betting, John Simmons, Tips from stables, Ron Williams, O'connor racing and Racing lay bets.

So here we have the no1 and prime example of a stooge.

'Chris' constantly Commented, got retweeted and put likes on all 7 of the services that are ran by the same scammers. It now looks like 'Chris' has made enough money to retire from his winnings and give up twitter because he doesn't exist anymore.

chris 6
chris 2
chris 3
chris 1
chris 5
chris 4
chris 7

The original stooge, steve t. He was the first one I found out about and so started the ball rolling as it were. As you can see he managed to make his fortune by using 5 of their services that they run out of 7 of them. In his own words 'Not half bad' eh? 

steve 2
steve 1
steve 5
steve 4
steve 3

These 3 were favourites of Elite Betting Syndicate. Just like the others they have now vanished.

elite stooge
elite stooge 3
elite stooge 1

More fictitious characters this time by Ron Williams. 

williams stooge 5
williams stooge 4
williams stooge 3
williams stooge 2
Williams stooge 1

'Colin'O'connor seemed to like these 2 a lot. He must be a bit lonely now that they've gone.

oconnor stooge 2
oconnor stooge 1
oconnor stooge 3

Here's a couple from Thoroughbred betting.

Thoroughbred stooge 2
Thoroughbred stooge 3
Thoroughbred stooge 1
Thoroughbred stooge

Tips from stables used the classic trio of Rob, Jim and Pascal.

Notice how our No1 stooge Chris also managed to sneak in on the act as well.

Tips stables stooge
Tips stables stooge 1
tips stables stooge 3
Tips stables stooge 2
simmons stooge

As well our regulars Pascal and steve t, John Simmons also gave Colin his moment of fame too. Mr Simmons must be gutted that Colin has left the world of twitter because he thought he was a legend!

simmons stooge 1
simmons stooge 2
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