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Thoroughbred betting

Let's start off Thoroughbred Betting with a blatant lie set out to deceive people and draw them in.

Someone had very kindly sent me this one after getting bombarded with emails and messages by them.

The actual profit figure was £603.06 and that was to £25 stakes. To £20 stakes that equates to £482.44.

Just a small difference of nearly £3.5k!

So you have to ask yourself, what else are they going to lie about?

Screenshot (555).png

Another blatant lie this time with the help of one of their stoogesThis was retweeted on September 15th knowing full well that they were over £500 down on the month. That of course is if you believe their own spreadsheets, it could have been more for all we know.

cam doyle lie 1
cam doyle lie

Recognise this? Yet another 14 day trial  being offered.  This time it's not the old flannel being wafted in front of your face 'to help you make money', they try a different approach with 'genuine info from people across the UK working in racing'. Now.................where have I heard that before?

 Needless to say They made a loss of £213.75

Screenshot (381).png

Certainly was a 'massive' day, 5 out of 6 of them lost. The end result? a loss of £148.43

I wonder if 'as many punters as possible' did use them? Let's hope not!

Screenshot (492).png

And there's me thinking Thoroughbred betting didn't have a sense of humour.

Screenshot (159).png

Good marketing or a blatant lie? Before you decide let's put that figure they plucked out of thin air into perspective. 

430 members at £44.40 per month = £19,092 

12 months at 19,092= £229,104

So Thoroughbred Betting will make 229k a year from it's members. (£627 per day)

Absolute rubbish.

430 members 44.40 a month.png

'Just scroll down my page and you'll see their comments' Do you mean the comments from your stooges?

Screenshot (382).png

I don't need to comment on this!

Screenshot_20201107-092108 (2).png
6 nov_LI.jpg

More lies to try and get you drawn in to join them. None of this ''favourite picking'' and ''I leave that to the amateurs'' they said. As you can see by their results a few weeks before, they picked 6 favourites and they all lost.

Favs 1 (2).png
Favs (3)_LI.jpg
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