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Tips from stables

Tips from stables is run by some bloke called 'John', and Just like there compatriots Thoroughbred Betting, they claim to have a vast amount of members which they say are over the 570 mark. So once again let's do some number crunching and see how much they make shall we?

570 x £39 a month =  £22,230

12 x £22,230 = £266,760

So they earn over 260k a year (£730 per day) just from sending out tips to their members. Again, if you believe that..........................good luck to you. 

Screenshot (206).png

So 'John' (or whatever his name is) rakes in over 260k a year and all he can come up with on his website regarding his results is a graph that a primary school kid could have done.  Also note the rubbish he spouted back in May about 'past results on there for all of you to look at'. Well john, it's now 6 months since your promising tweet about your results, I mean you earn that much can't you employ a stooge to do it for you?

Screenshot (278).png
Screenshot (771).png

John can't even get his own business name right. For the record it's 'Tips from stables' not 'Tips for stables'.

Screenshot (182)_LI.jpg

I must bring one of their stooges onto this page as this is an absolute classic. 'Mason' apparently had been with Tips from stables for 4 months but surprisingly had only tweeted about how them just 6 days earlier! What happened to the other 3 months then? For some reason they didn't block me so I got in quick and told him that how could 'Tips from stables' be no1 when 'Thoroughbred Betting' said they were.  The stooge actually replied to me before blocking me and as you can now see, good old Mason has mysteriously vanished. 

mason 3 (2).png
Mason 2 (2)_LI.jpg
mason (2).png

Let me get this right. You had over 1,000 DM's and hit your twitter limit because you are so popular and so many have joined. Isn't it funny how you just get the solitary 1 like then on both your tweets. Yet another ploy to make you think that they're in demand and the sun shines out of their backside.

Screenshot (279).png
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